1. Who can apply for a scholarship?

Students from all countries can apply for a scholarship by submitting their application before [deadline to be confirmed]. Please check the following page for details about the rules for allocating scholarships.

2. When will you tell me the result of my scholarship application ?

Scholarships results will be announced at the end of April / beginning of May. Students likely to be awarded a scholarship will be ranked into two lists: main list and reserve list. The main list students are guaranteed an Erasmus Mundus scholarship, students on top of the reserve list are awarded a Consortium scholarship, they can be upgraded to the main list if students from the main list withdraw.

3. I am on the reserve list for a scholarship: what are my chances of actually being awarded a scholarship?

We cannot answer this question. Students on the reserve list may be awarded a scholarship only to replace a student who has withdrawn from the main list. Upgrades from reserve to main list are notified by email.

4. What is the latest date for a possible upgrade from the reserve list to the main list?

Your scholarship status may be upgraded from reserve to main list at any time until September, when the programme starts.

Published on December 15, 2021 Updated on January 3, 2022