It is expected that by 2030, 30% of jobs in industry will be in the renewable energy field. The career prospects for DREAM graduates are therefore excellent and their education will be relevant for diverse industrial and economic sectors.

Students who complete the DREAM master's programme will have combined knowledge to tackle issues in companies acting for energy transition:
  • transmission & distribution system operators,
  • energy producers (renewable or classic),
  • manufacturers (power electronics, electric drives, turbines, solar panels),
  • electricity regulatory commissions

To boost the employability of DREAM graduates, future employers covering multi-disciplinary fields have been chosen to take part in the programme through a range of measures.


Students with more theoretical skills will have strong background to move into the research field, i.e., to start a PhD in these challenging fields raised by future low inertia power systems.
Published on December 9, 2021 Updated on January 3, 2022